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The rebirth of Welcome To Hawkeytown!

So..it’s been a while. A very long while, honestly. I have some news, if you haven’t been able to tell by clicking on and reading this post, haha.
But I am bringing back Welcome To Hawkeytown. And this time I won’t be trying to do it all on my own.
For around the year that I was running WTHT, it brought me a lot of great things. I unexpectedly met my two best friends, who found me because they were readers of my site. I was able to do 2 guest pieces with Chicago Now and I even received an email from Patrick Dahl, the Blackhawks’ Director, Advertising and Game Presentation, letting me know that he read one of my pieces and enjoyed it. Which was kind of insane but totally awesome, at the same time.

I’ve missed running WTHT and writing opinions longer than 140 characters. When the Blackhawks were playing like morons, it was my outlet to come vent about what was wrong and when they were winning, it was my opportunity to put an amazing win into words.
I’ve done a lot of thinking in terms of bringing back the website and why it will work this time around.

  1. I’m in a really stable place in my life right now. When I first started, I was working insane hours at a pizza place, not able to watch the majority of Hawks games. I was traveling out of town every other weekend with my other job, it felt. And I tried to do this all on my own. Currently, I have a stable job where I work the same hours each day and I have free-time for writing.
  2. I have help this time around. Right now, I have 2 additional contributors who will be helping out this season. Writing opinions, Game Reviews, posting news and content, etc. I will no longer be doing 100% of the work and you’ll be able to hear opinions from other writers.
  3. Things will be more low key and simplified. One of the things I forced myself to do was write long game reviews for every single game and try to have them posted a couple hours after the game ends. That’s all fine and dandy until it’s almost 2 AM and you’re still up writing and I have to be up early for work the next day. This time around, Game reviews are going to be simplified to the basics and there will be weekly write-ups about the games from that week. It will allow our writers to be able to work on things at their leisure and not rushing to get something done in an hour. As much as we all wish this could be our full-time job, it isn’t. So, until it is, we’re going to have to slow it down some. 😉

I will be posting introductions on my 2 awesome contributors here within the next couple of days or so! I am also going to be looking into having guest contributors and possibly adding someone else to the team, so please contact me if you are interested!
You can always reach me on Twitter, I literally am always on: @shelbbbybee or you can email me at shelbybryniarski@gmail.com. Let me know what you’re looking to do and maybe we can work something out!

I am so excited to get started again!




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